Website Change Log

2018-09-18: September Meeting Agenda
2018-09-04: August Special Meeting Agenda
2018-09-04: July Meeting Minutes and August Special Meeting Minutes
2018-09-04: Archived “Labor Day Trash” Posting
2018-08-28: Next Meeting Date
2018-08-21: August Meeting Agenda
2018-08-14: Labor Day Trash Collection
2018-08-07: Harry B. “Hal” Walker – Bio, Photo
2018-08-06: June Meeting Minutes
2018-08-03: Harry B. “Hal” Walker Replaced Troy Zuckero
2018-07-24: Next Meeting Date
2018-07-17: July Meeting Agenda – Amended
2018-07-17: July Meeting Agenda
2018-06-27: May Meeting Minutes
2018-06-26: Next Meeting Date
2018-06-19: June Meeting Agenda
2018-06-16: Added Privacy Policy
2018-05-24: April Meeting Minutes
2018-05-22: Next Meeting Date
2018-05-17: May Meeting Agenda
2018-04-24: Next Meeting Date
2018-04-18: April Meeting Agenda
2018-04-03: February Meeting Minutes
2018-03-27: Next Meeting Date
2018-03-20: March Meeting Agenda
2018-03-08: March 2018 Perimeter Wall Update
2018-03-07: January Workshop Meeting Agenda
2018-03-06: January 2018 Regular and Workshop Meeting Minutes
2018-02-27: Next Meeting Date
2018-02-20: Removed Special February Meeting Cancellation Notice
2018-02-20: February Meeting Agenda
2018-02-19: February Special Meeting Cancelled
2018-02-13: February Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2018-01-25: June 2017, January 2018 Meeting Minutes
2018-01-23: Next Meeting Date
2018-01-17: January Meeting Agenda
2018-01-15: December Meeting Minutes
2018-01-12: Update: Bond Sale and Perimeter Wall
2017-12-29: January Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-12-26: April, October, November Meeting Minutes
2017-12-22: Next Meeting Date
2017-12-17: Archived 2017 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2017-12-14: December Meeting Agenda
2017-11-29: Next Meeting Date
2017-11-27: November Meeting Location
2017-11-21: November Meeting Agenda
2017-10-25: May, September, October Meeting Minutes
2017-10-24: Next Meeting Date
2017-10-18: October Meeting Agenda
2017-10-02: October Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-09-27: April Special and August Regular Meeting Minutes
2017-09-26: Next Meeting Date
2017-09-20: September Meeting Agenda
2017-09-18: September Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-08-28: Cancelled August 29th meeting due to flooding conditions.
2017-08-24: March, April, May, July, August Regular and Special Meeting Minutes
2017-08-23: August Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-08-22: Next Meeting Date
2017-08-17: August Meeting Agenda
2017-08-04: August Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-07-25: Next Meeting Date
2017-07-20: July Meeting Agenda
2017-06-28: July Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-06-27: Next Meeting Date
2017-06-27: Updated Board regular meeting time.
2017-06-22: June Meeting Agenda
2017-06-20: Changed meeting location including new map to reflect the Normandy Forest Clubhouse
2017-06-20: Updated Directors Information Page
2017-06-15: June Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-06-13: Added Search functionality to right side navigation
2017-05-24: May Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-05-23: Next Meeting Date
2017-05-17: May Special Meeting Agenda
2017-05-16: May Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-05-10: May Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-04-25: Next Meeting Date
2017-04-21: April Meeting Agenda
2017-04-18: April Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-04-01: Board Q&A
2017-03-30: Perimeter Wall Update
2017-03-29: April Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-03-29: Board Q&A
2017-03-29: March Special Meeting Minutes
2017-03-25: 2016 Year in Review
2017-03-25: Added District Financial Advisor to “Contact” and “Consultants” pages.
2017-03-25: Corrected meeting location on “Meetings” page.
2017-03-22: March Meeting Agenda; Amended Agenda; January 2017 Minutes
2017-03-22: December 2016 Minutes
2017-03-01: March Special Meeting Date and Agenda
2017-02-28: Moved Mission Statement to “About” Page
2017-02-26: MUD and HOA Key Responsibilities
2017-02-23: Board of Directors
2017-01-23: Summary of Procedures and Actions for Perimeter Wall Project
2017-01-23: Fact or Fiction
2017-01-11: Fact or Fiction
2016-12-23: New Board Meeting Location
2016-09-19: Perimeter Wall
2016-08-21: No More Wipes in the Pipes!