March 2018 Perimeter Wall Update

The contract for the perimeter wall for Normandy Forest has been awarded to Aber Fence of Tomball Texas. The total cost reflected in the accepted bid is within the financial limits established at the 2015 Town Hall Meeting. This means the wall is financed using the debt service savings from refinancing our 2004 debt to pay for the new bond sale obligations, and that the costs are below the $1.25M dollar estimate detailed in that meeting.

Construction is slated to begin this Spring and conclude in approximately 9 months, weather permitting.

For most of us, the wall’s construction will only mean occasional traffic delays. Perimeter residents, however, will experience more disruption in their usual routines. Recognizing these residents have questions about the direct impact and timing of the installation, the MUD will schedule three meetings with perimeter residents. The perimeter wall construction and the resident meetings are broken up by geography:

At these meeting, we hope to answer your questions, give a general idea of what is planned, review construction preparation of the affected properties, and review the easement obligations.

We will try to limit discussion about individual properties and any special circumstance related to them. Instead, we will address these concerns in individual meetings during the two weeks following each group resident meeting. Forms will be issued at each meeting to allow perimeter residents to document concerns specific to their property.

We are going to do everything we can to minimize disruptions and inconvenience during the installation process. Please give us your patience and support.

Thank you,
NW Harris County MUD #28